Paul Backalenick - Mystery & Suspense Writer

Empty Luck - A psychological mystery

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Empty Luck - Four young men in Las Vegas. What could possibly go wrong? the bright casinos and cold nights of Las Vegas, two brothers and their two friends find more than they ever imagined during a one-week vacation. In the risky pursuit of easy sex, money and thrills, one of them, an inveterate gambler and petty criminal, impulsively steals money from the wrong man. Another thinks he wins at everything but only later realizes what he may have lost.

And Jared Appleton, from Backalenick's previous novels, must once again struggle with challenges he may not overcome. Las Vegas, in all its seamy beauty, is the surreal world in which the men find themselves as they seek the truth amid dazzling lights and lurid temptations.

Author's Comments

This book is a work in progrress. Empty Luck is a working title which may well change, as may the cover and text. I've only just begun, but you can read some early chapters by clicking the Sample below. Only the setting and the characters feel settled to me at this point. But as I write, the story is gradually unfolding. Sometinmes I have to let the characters tell me what happens.

- Paul Backalenick