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Paul Backalenick - mystery and suspense author
Paul's Twisted Roads Series of suspense novels


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We all travel many roads through life. Some roads lead us straight to worthy destinations. But others can bring us pain and guilt. Do we know, ahead of time, which road we are on? Not necessarily, but in this series of stories, most characters do know, although knowing doesn’t always change their path. Are they hell-bent on destruction or blinded by greed or lust? What motivates people to make these bad choices? This is a series about the choices people make and the consequences of those choices.

In my first book, DEVELOPMENT, we meet an ambitious man who despite what he tells himself, disregards his family for personal gain. Like many bad choices, this one spirals out of control causing tidal waves to wash over his wife, his daughters, and his job.

Throughout this series, bad choices abound. Why do the characters often stay on their dangerous roads? Is it out of convenience, familiarity, hope, or misguided loyalty? Some characters choose crime even with its attendant risks. Others struggle with addictions or follow a path someone else has laid out for them.

The real question is why do people make bad decisions? What twisted logic leads them to choose a bad road over a better one or stay on a bad one once they recognize it? Certainly psychological factors come into play and I explore these, but societal experiences also play a role.

All my books explore the shadowy world of moral choices. Right and wrong are not always immediately clear. But we all have choices and we can all grow more decent with time. In these pages, some will grow and some will not.